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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Federal Hydrometeorological Institute


At present, Sector collect data on water level for more than 40 locations on FB&H territory. More than a half of locations/hydrological stations are equipped by automatic stations with remote data transfer. Number of stations increase from day to day through implementation of current projects.

Sector perform measurement of surface water flow and river cross section elements; installation and maintenance of water gauges and other equipment, as well as other hydrological works on the field.
After admission and primary control, data is used to be stored in hydrological data base. There is continuous activity on development of existing software, in order to obtain digitalized topographic maps as well as possibilities of processing and presentation of data.

As a result of activities on reconstruction of hydrological station network, publishing of hydrological annuals started again in cooperation with Public Enterprise for «Vodno područje slivova rijeke Save» Sarajevo.
Hydrological sector is characterized by intense study-analytic work, with a number of hydrological studies and other surveys

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