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The UVI is an international, scientific measure of the level of UV Radiation (UVR) at the Earth’s surface. It was developed in the early 1990’s as part of an international effort to raise public awareness of the risks of sun exposure.

The UVI is based on a scale starting at 0 and going up to a maximum value of 14 or 15 during the summer, and a minimum of less than 1 during winter. The higher the number the greater the risk of skin and eye damaging exposure to UVR.

When the UV Index is at:

0 - 2 LOW No protection required
3 - 5 MODERATE Protection required when spending long periods in the sun
6 - 7 HIGH Protection essential
8 - 10 VERY HIGH Seek shade between 11am and 4pm. Re-apply sunscreen regularly
11+ EXTREME Reschedule outdoor activities for early morning and evening
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