Sea temperature in Neum
Date :  27.5.2020. Temperature:  19°C

The sea temperature is usually measured in the surface layer of the mixing, where the depth is at least 1.8 m.
The most important are the so-called.stick thermometers that are immersed at a depth of about 30 cm or placed in a bowl with a drawn water sample.

Automated systems with a platinum resistance thermometer are also used in the buoy which enables continuous measurement.

To measure the temperature of the sea it is necessary to choose a more open place where the water is not a cubic of 1.8 m. Using a rope thermometer, the metal shield descends approximately 30 cm below the water surface and keeps it there for three minutes. Then, the thermometer is quickly removed and read, taking care to avoid direct sun exposure and not making a parallax error. The sea temperature is measured at an accuracy of 0.1 ° C.

text: Krunoslav PREMEC