PRECIPITATION (mm) Measured in the last 24h
mjerenje 30.05.2020. u 08h (mm)
Bjelašnica   1 Gradačac   11 Ivan Sedlo   2 Jajce   2 Sanski Most   2 Sarajevo-Bjelave   5
Tuzla   10          

When talking about the daily amount of rainfall, we mean the amount of rainfall from 7 hours yesterday to 7 am today (SEV), i.e. over the past 24-hour period. This amount of precipitation is recorded in the observation log as the amount of precipitation for the day the measurement was carried out.

At the main meteorological stations, the amount of precipitation may be more often dependent on the program of work. In addition to measurements at 7 o'clock each day at the main stations, precipitation is measured at 1, 13 and 19 hours per SEV.

Regardless of whether the observers noticed that during the past 24 hours precipitation has fallen or not, every day at 7 o'clock, it must be seen whether it has a precipitate in the rainforest, emptying the mosquito bin into a menzuru. In the cold part of the year, a case may arise that due to low rainfall temperatures, it can be eaten. Whether the observer suspects that this is possible, the entire metering should be replaced by a spare, and the icy one should be taken to the enclosure and wait for the precipitation to dissolve, and then as usual measure the amount of rainfall and record it as if it was measured in the morning.